A recent study from the Journal of Primary Prevention looked into the issue of teen drinking parties.

The researchers looked at families and teens in California. They found:

  • About a quarter of teens reported having had a party at their house in the past 12 months, of whom 39 % reported that there was alcohol at their last party.
  • Multiple sources supplied alcohol for most parties.
  • Seventy-two percent of those having a party stated that at least one of their parents knew about their last party, and 64 % reported that a parent was home at least part of the time.
  • Seventy percent of youth who hosted a party with alcohol said that their parent(s) definitely knew that there was alcohol at the party, 24 % replied that their parent(s) probably knew, and only 5 % said that their parent(s) did not know that there was alcohol at the party.

We know in Sullivan County that most adults don’t want their teens using alcohol. We also know most Sullivan County teens who drink say alcohol was ‘given’ to them. Many of this ‘giving’ is from adults hosting parties.

You can make a difference. Make sure you know where your teen is going and who they’re going to be with. If you know your teen is going to a party, call ahead and make sure the parents who are hosting know your family rules about alcohol. Don’t let other parents make choices for you and your kids!

We are proud to present brain expert Michael Nerney for a presentation on working with children and teens affected by drug and alcohol abuse: looking at symptoms, causes and effects. While this talk is aimed at medical professionals, all are welcome.

We are excited to be able to offer a webcast of this program. Certificates of attendance will be available, along with a course description/stated objectives. RSVP for webcast details and certificates: 802-356-9353 or btaylor@sullivancountynh.gov.

Michael Nerney is a consultant in Substance Abuse Prevention and Education, with over thirty years’ experience in the field.  As the former Director of the Training Institute of Narcotic and Drug Research, Inc. (NDRI), his responsibilities included the management of a statewide training system which delivered more than 450 training programs to substance abuse treatment and prevention professionals annually. Mr. Nerney’s particular areas of expertise include Psycho-pharmacology, Adolescent Chemical Dependency, Relapse Prevention, Gender Differences in Communication, and Managing Violent Incidents.

A new study from the Community Services Task Force indicates that privatizing alcohol sales leads to more excessive drinking and more harm from alcohol consumption in the communities that privatize alcohol sales.

The Community Services Task Force is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group of public health and prevention experts. They analyzed eighteen studies from around the US and the world to see what the impact was of privatizing alcohol sales (for example, going from a state-run liquor store model to private liquor stores). Overall, they found increases in alcohol sales as well as increases in excessive drinking. (The study did not address sales in bars and restaurants.)

Learn how you can make a difference!

Prescription Pain Medication and YOU! from CATV 8/10 with Dr. Gilbert Fanciullo from DHMC.

Teen Suicide Prevention

Mental illness and alcohol and other drug abuse can be linked together. We can help.

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