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Have you ever seen “Mythbusters” on TV? Each week the team investigates myths that are common in the culture – and some we’ve never heard of. They devise ways to test the myths and bust them or embrace them in the end. This website is dedicated to helping you become a Mythbuster regarding the dangers of alcohol and drugs.  The dangers our children face are real, and they need your involvement.  Our Sullivan County survey revealed a couple of very significant facts:

First, parental involvement is the single most important protective factor children have. That’s why you hear about parents being the “anti-drug” – Click HERE .   There are national campaigns just to get parents to talk to their teens.  Why?  Simply because of your influence in their lives. You may not think you’re getting through, but don’t give up, the facts don’t lie.

In Sullivan County, a youth’s perception of their parent’s sense of approval or disapproval greatly influences their behavior towards alcohol use. Where parents are perceived as feeling alcohol use is wrong or very wrong, half of students have never had a drink of alcohol.  If children perceive their parents are indifferent or only mildly against their alcohol use, only one in five haven’t had a drink.  Have you been believing the myth that it really doesn’t matter?  Bust that myth!  Become a Mythbuster – a Sullivan County Mythbuster!

The second fact our survey revealed is that students tend to have exaggerated perceptions of the alcohol and other substance use at their school. This produces added peer pressure for them to experiment with alcohol and drugs.  The majority doesn’t drink nor do they abuse drugs.  There’s a new narrative that needs creating surrounding this subject.

Parenting is tough work.  Often, we find ourselves spending our days going from one thing to another – doing errands, solving problems and becoming enslaved by the tyranny of the urgent.  We’re working extra hours or additional jobs to make it in this economy. But we can still make time to talk to our kids! It doesn’t have to be an hour-long lecture.  This website is a great place to start.  It really is designed with a busy parent or grandparent in mind.

Become a “Mythbuster!” Learn the facts and share them with your friends, neighbors and family.

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