Jul 092015

Recent reports indicate that heroin use continues to climb in the United States, with a sharp increase in the number of overdose deaths.

Many opiate addictions start with misuse of prescription medications. Visit TwinStateSafeMeds.org to learn more about how to safely store, use and dispose of medications.

World No Tobacco Day

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May 312015

The last day of May is World No Tobacco Day. This year, the WHO is focusing on the illegal sale of tobacco products all over the world.

Here in the US, we’ve seen e-cigarette manufacturers ignore guidelines for cigarette advertising and use flavors like fruit and cotton candy to appeal to kids.

Visit StillBlowingSmoke.org to learn more about the risks of ‘vaping.’

All tobacco is harmful and carcinogenic. Check out Don’t Be a Dip to learn what ingredients are in chewing tobacco. Share it with your kids!

And if you’re ready to quit, call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit Try to Stop NH for tips on quitting for life. Calling a quit line is free, confidential and more than doubles your chances of quitting for good!

Check out this NPR report on how pop culture addresses issues of abuse, addiction and dependency.

Learn how you can make a difference!

Prescription Pain Medication and YOU! from CATV 8/10 with Dr. Gilbert Fanciullo from DHMC.

Teen Suicide Prevention

Mental illness and alcohol and other drug abuse can be linked together. We can help.

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