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Diggy and bahja dating

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Diggy and bahja dating

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Gossip Girl: Is Marcus .J Dating Former OMG Girlz Member Bahja Rodriguez (Text Proof)

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Diggy and bahja dating

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  1. Jan 2, - Daniel Diggy Simmons and Zonnique Star Pullins were happily together in and are now split and still good friends. Only Bahja Does And It's Bahja Zonnique Pullins shared a picture of Daniel as he r profile picture on Facebook that was once noted "This is my new Boyfriend. Zonnique is mii gurl.

  2. Jan 5, - Diggy dating zonnique - Click Here. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it. Zonnique Pullins shared a picture of Daniel as her profile picture on Zonnjque that was once noted "This is my new Boyfriend. Only Bahja Does And It's Bahja.

  3. diggy simmons hed on jun 24, double backone-shotbre: good rehearsal y'all. see you am: where you going? we made plans to stay at zonnique's house tonight. bre: yeah sorry. i got some stuff to take care of tonight. byezonnique: uh bye. *dashes for the doorzonnique: okay what the hell is her problem?bahja: i.

  4. bre: I knew you'd ask Diggy (: y'all are adorable!! him and Jacob bestfriends and me and you are bestfriends. we can double date all the time (: +. Bahja: whatever. Diggy is just a friend. geez +. bre: mhhm, who's gonna become more soon, don't deny your feelings, but I have to Jacob needs my attention cause he over her.

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