Straus international dating violence. The corruption of research on domestic violence

Straus international dating violence

The more frequent pattern is self-censorship by authors fearing that it will happen or that publication of such a study will undermine their reputation, and, in the case of graduate students, the ability to obtain a job. For example, if you go to the US Department of Justice website you can calculate the proportions of all homicide victims that are men. The second part of the article focuses on whether there is gender symmetry in a crucial aspect of the etiology of partner PV — dominance by one partner. A study by Kernsmith , for example, states that "Males and females were found to differ in their motivations for using violence in relationships" and that "female violence may be more related to maintaining personal liberty in a relationship than gaining power" p. For example, subsequent to the World Health Organization study and the Kernsmith study, papers discussing gender differences in motivation will cite them to show that female violence is predominantly in self-defense, which is the opposite of what the research actually shows. An example of denying funding to research that might contradict the idea that PV is a male-only crime is the call for proposals to investigate partner violence issued in December by the National Institute of Justice.

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  1. The International Dating Violence Study (Straus, ) to obtain data on violence The roles of family factors and relationship dynamics on dating violence.

  2. Tactics scales (CTS2; Straus, Hamby, Boney-McCoy, & Sugarman, ). The International Dating Violence Study is focused on the dat-ing relationships of university.

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